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In any language, some words are more effective than others. Documents translated into any language must have correct structure and grammar, certainly. But to convey meaning effectively, especially in sales and marketing, the words must be carefully crafted. For instance, English phrases to sell a product in eastern Canada must be written differently to sell the same product in southern California. Even sentences in Australian English may not make any sense to New Yorkers, as well as sentences in Canadian French may not make sense to people living in Paris.

Our work methodology is such that it guarantees a high degree of quality in the final product, because we know that the success of our clients in their communication initiatives depends on the results of our efforts.

More than just a simple rendition of text to another language, a good translation or localization job requires careful adaptation of the content to the linguistic and cultural context, taking into consideration technical standards, stylistic requirements, and the expectations and demands of the target market. If you have already decided to expand into new markets with a web site localized in several languages, it is wise to plan your strategy in advance, with the support of detailed research and analyses of the characteristics of the local online environment.

Thanks to our Internet based structure, we can count on a closely knit team of professionals which allows us to offer services in the following areas:
    Translation of documents and texts, be they simple, technical or scientific Translation of documents and texts
    Web site localization Web site translation and localization
    Software localization Software localization
    Software localization Consulting for globalization and localization

Every translation, localization, or globalization consulting job is for us a project in itself. As such, for each job, a work group is formed, including professionals who understand and know how to deal with the linguistic, technological, cultural and marketing aspects of the final product. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and completely bilingual with respect to the source language. They have professional qualifications in widely varying fields and have the necessary understanding of the requirements for translation and localization of software, HTML pages, manuals and technical and scientific texts.

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Product quality

It is not enough to turn to someone who speaks a language if you want a quality product. Each project needs to be developed by a team of qualified professionals and experts in their own fields of specialization.

Software localization Localizzazione software e applicativi: launch your product on the global market!


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