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Software localization, like website localization, is a complex operation requiring careful coordination between phases of work, and requires the collaboration of different professionals from translators, graphic designers and programmers to marketing experts. The success and quality of a software localization project depends on several factors:
Translation of simple, technical and scientific documents and texts The user interface must be localized in all of its structural components (menu bars, button, status indicators, generic messages, error messages, etc). This phase requires an ability to work with source code editors, resource and graphics files, and software compilers adapted to the language of use. 
Translation of simple, technical and scientific documents and texts The software guide must be localized so as to be consistent with the terminology used in the localization o the user interface, respecting the format (Rtf or HTML) of the original structure. 
Translatin of simple, technical and scientific documents and texts Any documentation accompanying the software (manuals, brochures, packaging elements etc.) must be localized taking into account the language and cultural aspects, the type of publication and the market sector for which the software is destined. 

Ability Top Translations is able to offer a quality service for software localization, with a team of professionals in text internationalization and localization, Marketing and publicity, and programming in the most common languages.

Check the average prices for this service in our price guide, or ask us for a quotation and we will be pleased to present you with our best offer for the management of your project.

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Plan ahead

Always plan your software products so that you keep separate components which can be translated into languages other than the original. Localization will then be simpler and more economical!

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Save money

Check average prices through our guide price list, or ask us for a quotation. Our completely internet-based work system means that we can offer you a quality service at extremely competitive prices.

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