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The Web is a communications channel which is undergoing continuous growth and change, allowing businesses to conquer new markets and communicate more effectively with their clients. It is certainly an important strategic choice to have an Internet presence, with a Web site designed to advertise products, services, or to develop sales in more than one linguistic market. Such a choice, however, should be based on an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the target market, on the development potentials on the Web, and on the presence and characteristics of the competition.

If you have decided to expand your presence into new markets, don't rush into it "blindly": have you carefully evaluated the enormous possibilities that would be offered by localizing your site in many of the "minor" linguistic areas? If you have already identified one or more target language markets, are you aware of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of your competition on the Web? If your site is localized for one or more linguistic markets, what actions have you taken to promote the site, to create awareness about it, to have it placed in local, international and language-specific search engines and Web directories? Bear in mind that "having a Web presence" does not imply "being found by potential clients", if appropriate marketing and site promotion strategies are not followed.

Ability Top Translations offers a package of consulting services which support and supplement our Web site translation and localization services, allowing you to define an effective and targeted strategy for your online presence, and to successfully face the globalization challenge. Our Internet marketing, globalization and search engine positioning experts can become your privileged access key to the geo-linguistic market which you intend to address. They can analyze and supply detailed reports on the characteristics and composition of the target market, or study and carry out promotion, placement and diffusion of your localized Web site. By having us become your exclusive globalization partner you can count on a unique network of local collaborators, each with specific experience in their geographic and linguistic areas: a guarantee of quality which only Ability Top Translations can offer.

Our consulting services are designed so as to be dynamic and flexible, adapting each project to your specific needs. Learn more about them by visiting these pages where they are described in greater detail:
    analysis of the linguistic area and the competition Basic Web Market Analysis
A general analysis of the online characteristics of the target linguistic area, of the Internet competition in that area and of the related market, and of the most popular search services used.
    analysis of the market and the competition Extended Web Market & Competitor Analysis
An in depth and detailed analysis of the target linguistic area and of the statistics of Internet presence and usage, of the competition on the Web in that area and its associated market, of user search behavior, of preferred and alternative keywords, and of the more popular search services.
    submission and placement on search engines and directories Targeted Submission Service
Manual submission of the site on local search services (engines and directories) and on the appropriate language versions of the major international services, with search of and submission to existing thematic portals.

Product quality
It is not enough to turn to someone who speaks a language if you want a quality product. Each project needs to be developed by a team of qualified professionals and experts in their own fields of specialization.

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