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Extended Web Market & Competitors Analysis

This service aims to offer a thorough and detailed analysis of the target linguistic area and its Internet access and usage statistics, the competition on the web in that area and the relative market, the search behaviour of the user,  preferred and alternative keywords, and the most used search services. It is particularly useful where preferred linguistic areas for the localization or launch of your site have already been established, but where you wish to evaluate the characteristics and potential of the market, in order to build a precise and detailed vision of competitive sites and their characteristics, and gain insight into the possible reactions of the target market. This will most likely be fundamental in improving the structure of your site and maximising its chances of success.  

The service includes:
     a) A detailed report on the online characteristics of the linguistic area in question (nations involved, data about the online population, Internet usage statistics, socio-economic indicators and developing trends).
     b) Research of possible web competitors in the linguistic area and indicated market, with the production of a detailed report containing: a list of sites, description of the relevant contents and missions, analysis of online performance (navigability, usability, structural characteristics, topics of main pages, keyword density), position for the major keywords on local search services (engines and directories) and on the language versions of major international services, and a report on the link popularity of the site homepages. Up to 15 competing sites will be researched. 
     c) Analysis of user search behaviour on the major search services for the keywords indicated and for the principal keywords of competitor sites, with the production of a report containing alternative keywords. 
     d) Up to date report on the main search services used in the linguistic area indicated, and on any thematic portals in the relevant market, including web address, structure, market share and site registration characteristics. 

The cost of this service varies according to the target linguistic market, and the number of keywords indicated, and begins from a minimum of  500 €. Ask us for a quotation and we will be pleased to present you with our best offer for a personalized service. 

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